Lloyd Mear Energy Healing By Numbers


Hi, my name is Lloyd Mear.  Welcome to my website.  I have been  doing energy healing by numbers for a number of years.  I have developed through the function of dowsing the ability to access the higher source for guidance to the formation of numerical combinations that activate specific frequencies.  These frequencies have been combined to allow the body to be balanced and healed.

If you like to contact me, I can be reached at the following telephone number for consultation as well as information on my energy water.


Frequency Healing Interview By Ethann Fox

Below is an interview, I did with Ethann Fox on June 24, 2013, explaining how I discovered the ability to heal people through simply repeating a frequency number.  There are two parts to this interview.

The second part explains how I consult with people and locate the correct frequencies to balance them.

This video shows a sample consultation session and how I locate the correct frequencies to help someone.